The Job Benefits Elite Automotive Professionals Want

benefits for elite automotive candidates

Want elite automotive professionals to join your dealership team? Offering outstanding benefits can help you persuade top-performers to work with you!

Here are some of the most important benefits and deal-breakers you should consider.

Cover the Basics

In addition to competitive compensation, healthcare and 401K I’ve found that the best automotive professionals are commonly looking for:

  • Excellent PTO
  • Company Car
  • Gas Allowance
  • Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Recognition for Accomplishments

If your dealership offers these perks, make sure you highlight them when interviewing candidates.  If you do not, consider whether some additional benefits can help you land the big fish that you’re looking to add to your team!

hiring automotive professionalsOffer Motivation to Move

Often, the best professionals are already happily employed elsewhere.  They might entertain a job opportunity, but will need some motivation to make the move to a new job.

When you make an offer, consider these factors:

  • Training – Your outstanding performers will want to know that they have the ability to work on professional development at your dealership. Whether you offer in-house training, cover cost of classes and conferences or bring in industry experts – make sure your candidates know about their opportunities to grow.
  • Support & Autonomy – The best of the best want to know you’re going to let them do their thing when they arrive. If they’re proven performers, that means they’re coming to you with their own ideas, experiences and processes.  Discuss with them how they will be able to have autonomy and support for their decisions if they join your team.  Your company’s recognition programs can also be a helpful factor.
  • Health & Wellness – The cost of healthcare is rising every year, so a great health and wellness plan could seal the deal with your prospective employees.
  • Career Advancement – If there are career advancement opportunities at your dealership, whether to new roles or additional income/responsibilities within their role, ensure your candidate is aware of what is available. Knowing about career advancement will help them see your position as a long-term role.

Deal Breakers

Even if a candidate is interested in working for you, sub-par benefits can be deal breakers.

  • High-Cost Healthcare
    • If your coverage will cost more or offer less coverage, you might lose a candidate.
  • No Dental Coverage
  • No 401K Plan
  • Long Hours
    • Elite employees are looking for schedule flexibility, with opportunities for breaks and time off when working long-shift jobs.
  • 6-Day Work Weeks
    • Flexibility is key here to offer time off with 6-day work weeks.
  • No Commission
    • If hiring for a sales commission, salary without commission is often a deal breaker.
  • Uniform Costs
    • A small perk like covering the cost of uniforms can show a strong candidate that you value them.

Consider Sweetening the Pot

If you want to stand out among automotive dealers in your area, consider offering less common benefits, like:

  • PTO (in addition to vacation)
  • Vacation/PTO starting in 3 months (rather than a year after hire)
  • Healthcare/Wellness Benefits beginning after 1 week (rather than 90 days)

When you’re looking to attract top-level job candidates, offering outstanding benefits can be a great way to set your dealership apart from the others and land a big fish.

Looking to add a new automotive professional to your team? Contact me to discuss your search.


John Dillon
John Dillon
BestAutoPros President John Dillon has more than 30 years of experience in dealership operations. John’s extensive experience working with hundreds of dealerships gives him a solid advantage in prospecting candidates and tailoring business consulting to your dealership operation.

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