Our customized webinars help your dealership team stay focused on improving with helpful coaching, training and support to overcome obstacles.

Each of our webinar training clients participates weekly webinar conference or presentation tailored to their goals, and receives email support to help their team make progress between calls.  Plus, we keep an eye on your performance data to follow progress and identify growth opportunities.

Profit and Growth Coaching

An outside perspective can help your dealership identify areas for growth. That’s why Fixed Operations expert John Dillon partners with your dealership for weekly webinar training.

John provides personalized coaching, covering topics designed to help you meet (and exceed) your goals.  Whether employee motivation, service advisor sales practices, customer service improvements or staffing support – BestAutoPros President John Dillon has the resources to help your dealership grow.


It’s been said that “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Your fixed operations team might already have goals established, but they need a solid plan to achieve those targets.

BestAutoPros’ webinar training and email support holds your dealership accountable by focusing on goals and processes consistently.  We not only keep your fixed operations team goal-focused, but provide the blueprints for reaching those objectives – and troubleshoot roadblocks along the way.

Webinar Topics

BestAutoPros’ weekly webinars will be tailored to meet your dealership’s goals.  Some examples of our webinar topics include:

  • Shaping a Supportive & Positive Culture in Fixed Operations
  • Retail Business Growth Strategies For Fixed Operations Management
  • Profit Building Strategies for Fixed Operations Management
  • Best Practices in Selling Value Driven Parts & Service in The Service Lane
  • Best Practices in Staff Support, Motivation & Accountability
  • Performance Management Tools
  • Hiring and Retaining Great Employees
  • Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

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