automotive recruiting

BestAutoPros can confidentially recruit the best automotive professionals on your behalf.  From General Managers to Service Technicians, we have the Best Auto Pros!


service advisor training

Our proven Service Advisor Training program allows service departments to maximize the potential that comes through the service drive every day.


fixed operations consulting

BestAutoPros is the expert resource you need to maximize fixed operations profit and create lasting customer relationships.

  • Reggie Robinson, Sr., Owner/Dealer Principal
    "For more than 10 years, John Dillon at BestAutoPros has been my trusted resource for training and staffing needs.  John’s recruiting techniques have helped us find the best automotive professionals, and his training expertise has helped to grow our fixed operations in two dealerships.  I highly recommend John and BestAutoPros.”
    Reggie Robinson, Sr., Owner/Dealer Principal
    Champion Ford-Lincoln/US-1 Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep - North Carolina
  • Tom Wentz, Service and Parts Director
    "John Dillon and his company Best Auto Pros have been a huge impact on our Dealer group. Since our first encounter John's experience and knowledge has been a tremendous help with fixed operations along with methods of tracking and up to date recommendations that have definitely helped us not only reach our goals but exceed them! In my 30 plus years being involved in the Automotive Dealership Business he is by far one person and company I would highly recommend to my colleges and business contacts."
    Tom Wentz, Service and Parts Director
    Rizza Buick GMC Cadillac - Illinois
  • Jim Tackett, Service Manager
    "BestAutoPros’ materials and in-house workshops are practical, engaging, and right on target. The very first day after they had left our dealership, we were able to interact with our clientele in a much more informative and professional manner. As a result, we were able to increase our sales and gross profit within the very first month. I personally have used BestAutoPros’ service both as a client/manager and as a recruiter for myself. I must say, I would do it again without hesitation.”
    Jim Tackett, Service Manager
  • John Connelly, Owner
    "John Dillon has worked with us for many years and he is wonderful asset. We have been very fortunate to have his guidance. He truly cares about our dealership and our employees. It was a real stroke of luck for us to get John to help us set up our processes and procedures. He stays on us to toe the line and provide the best Service we can for our customers."
    John Connelly, Owner
    Acura Columbus - Ohio
  • Ralph Harding, Fixed Operations Director
    “We felt we were doing an “OK” job at satisfying our customers, but we were not providing a “wow” experience for our customers that we desired.  We brought John in for onsite training with all of our front line customer-facing employees.  We not only gained new insight and tools but, just as important, the plan to maintain our improvements for the long term.  I would highly recommend BestAutoPros and John Dillon for your training and recruitment needs.”
    Ralph Harding, Fixed Operations Director
    BMW Cleveland - Ohio
  • Mike VanHoose, Service Manager
    “Our service department was not broken and we had good people in place.  However we were struggling to try to bring things together and have the department run efficiently.  We contracted with John Dillon and BestAutoPros a little over two years ago and have never looked back. John helped us develop real world processes that fit our department and gave us direction to get us to the next level.  It was not a one size fits all mentality with John like I have seen with other consulting companies in my 25+ year career.  His style of interacting with personnel before he even showed up at our dealership allowed us to begin work right away and get the most out of his time while he was on sight.  I am confident in saying that our successes are a direct result of John Dillon and BestAutoPros."
    Mike VanHoose, Service Manager
    Klaben Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - Ohio
February 9, 2019
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