CSI: How to Get the Scores You Deserve

how to get the csi scores you deserve

If your automotive service department is providing excellent customer service but not seeing top CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) scores, you have a communication problem on your hands.

Satisfied customers tend not to send in a customer satisfaction survey, because they don’t feel it’s necessary.  On the other hand, a customer with a poor experience will be anxiously awaiting that survey to give their feedback!

So how can your happy customers to help your dealership get the CSI scores you deserve?

1 – Make it Part of Vehicle Delivery

I commonly see service departments deliver a car to a customer without mention of the CSI survey.  This is a big mistake, as your active vehicle delivery is the perfect time to remind your customer that a survey is coming their way.

When delivering the car to a customer after service is complete, ensure that they know a survey is coming, who will be sending it, and what to expect.  In addition to providing a heads up, verify that you have the proper email address on file.

2 – Explain Why Their Response Matters

Again, a satisfied customer may not feel like they need to respond to a survey.  They always thank you and return for service, so they figure you know they’re satisfied.

That’s why during vehicle delivery, your team should explain the importance of the survey.  Make sure to explain that:

  • Their feedback impacts dealership decisions
  • CSI scores determine compensation and other incentives
  • A fully completed survey is required (some manufacturers will give a 0 for incomplete surveys)

When satisfied customers know that your service team can get rewarded for good work, they’ll be more willing to take the time to complete the CSI survey.  Happy customers will be happy to help when you ask – and you’ll be more likely to get the CSI score you deserve!

Need tips on how to present the customer satisfaction survey, or need a tune up in your service lane?  Contact me today!

John Dillon
John Dillon
BestAutoPros President John Dillon has more than 30 years of experience in dealership operations. John’s extensive experience working with hundreds of dealerships gives him a solid advantage in prospecting candidates and tailoring business consulting to your dealership operation.

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