Our Service Advisor and Customer Experience Training initiative has helped service departments improve CSI and grow retail sales and profit since 2004.
Developed by Fixed Operations Specialist and BestAutoPros President John Dillon, this program allows service departments to maximize the potential that comes through the service drive every day WITHOUT adding one customer, extending hours or spending one penny on advertising.
BestAutoPros focuses on the key aspects that most service advisor training programs neglect: customization before training, an interactive training strategy and sustainment support after the training.


With BestAutoPros, there is no “one-size-fits-all” mentality!  We ensure that our Advisor Pro strategy fits your service department through:

– Conducting interviews with management and service advisors to develop relationships, ensure a tailored growth strategy and focus on specific areas of need.

– Analyzing financial statements to show service department performance and capacity.  We then help service managers understand their potential and how Advisor Pro can help them reach it.



3 Days in Classroom and Service Lane

– Using our established best practices, BestAutoPros works with service advisors and management to develop a set of “Blueprint Standards” in building customer relations and service selling techniques that best fit their work environment.

– Hands-on installation of the developed Blueprint Standards ensures that the standards are effective. John Dillon works side by side with the advisors writing up customers.

– We ensure your advisors and managers understand how to implement the new and/or improved processes to improve CSI and sales in your service department.

– Management will receive guidance to continue training and holding service advisor accountable to goals and processes.


After Service Advisor Training is implemented, the dealer and managers receive a tool kit that is a roadmap to success in the upcoming months.  This includes simple and effective performance management tools that help your team measure sales and CSI more clearly.

Through weekly conference calls and webinars for six months following service advisor training, we stay in touch with dealership managers to review performances and sustain growth.


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