Accountability and Staying on Track

accountability in the service lane

Do you floss as much as you should? If you’re like 70 percent of Americans, you probably aren’t doing it every day like you should.  Sure, your dentist has talked to you about daily flossing as a goal, you understand how to do it, you have floss in your bathroom and you’re aware of the benefits (preventing tooth decay and gum disease) but you’re still not doing it.

Let me guess.  You DO floss in the days leading up to your next dental appointment, right?

You realize you’ll be held accountable by your dentist, so you’re more likely to take the steps to get your teeth as clean as possible.  If you saw your dentist more frequently, you’d probably floss more frequently, too.

The takeaway: you need accountability to stay on track.

Even if your team knows the goals, even if they have the tools, even if they know that they could face consequences if they don’t follow procedures – they need you to hold them accountable.

Here’s how to incorporate accountability into your fixed operations department:

Set Goals

  • Make them specific and achievable (e.g. An increase in average Hours per Repair Order, or a CSI score goal) – and get your team members’ input so they buy into the goals.

Create a Roadmap

Give Inspiration

  • A public pat on the back, an incentive competition tied to goals and giving your team members your time can help provide inspiration and keep them motivated beyond your regular check-ups.

Hold Yourself Accountable

  • The best way to earn your team’s buy-in and respect is to hold yourself to the same standards of accountability.
  • Create your own action plan, and check in every day. This discipline will help you prioritize what you need to accomplish every day, and avoid procrastination.
  • An outside consultant can also be a great resource for accountability, unbiased to keep you moving in the right direction.

If you feel you have the goals, the roadmap and accountability measures in place but are still not seeing results, it might be time to ask for expert help.  An outside perspective can help you identify issues you might be overlooking, and a knowledgeable fixed ops consultant will provide best practices and give you the tools to keep your department accountable.

Have questions about how to improve performance with accountability in your dealership?  Contact me today!

John Dillon
John Dillon
BestAutoPros President John Dillon has more than 30 years of experience in dealership operations. John’s extensive experience working with hundreds of dealerships gives him a solid advantage in prospecting candidates and tailoring business consulting to your dealership operation.

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